Pricing and Services

1. Lead Generation

generating business leads

A. Cost per Lead (All inclusive)

B. Monthly management fee + Facebook & Google advertising fee.

C. Price varies on each specific case. We design unique and specific campaign for each customer individually.

Book for an Introductory Call today and find out more!

We will call you and explain how everything works in just 7~10 minutes.

After introductory call, you will have our super effective, result-proven strategy and implementation plan.

We even give you permission to use we present to you run an ad campaign yourself ~ for FREE!

"But why? take all the trouble? Just trust us and try for 1 month.
Results are guaranteed!"

2. Website Doctors

redecorate website

Help your redecorate your old website into a Class A, 5-star, professional, result-proven, sales driven websites with SEO capabilities, Sales Funnels and Landing Pages built in. 

Type A: Outdated and unprofessional

Type B: Up to date but still unprofessional.

Type C: Up to date and professional

Type “STAR”: Type C + sales tactics and strategies built in.

"With a Landing page, SEO page, Sales Funnels, Shopify/E-commerce features all incorporated into a Website Total-Solution for you! Strategically and Specifically designed for your niche market and audience! "

3. Business Strategic Consulting

Scale your business UP to 10 TIMES

The First Session with our CEO or co-founder is discounted at ($1000 cross ) $500/session. Each session lasts 1~2hours and is backed up with our 200% charity guarantee.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result from our first consulting session and you think it does not worth $500 to your business. We will donate that $500 on your behalf (with your name which is TAX DEDUCTIBLE ) plus our CEO will personally donate another $500 to charity to match your loss. 

"This service is not for everyone. Please only request this service if you have a GREAT product or services to sell and you are ready to scale your business. We will help you 10x your business just like us! "

4. Other Products and Services

partnership with Top Advertising Agencies

Even though we are still considered as experts in many other services we can offer, at this stage, we are experiencing a 10x growth (at least) this year and we would like to keep our services simple. Which is easier to maintain the quality of our services when we scale and also much easier for us to become No. 1 in our own niche. 

 If you do need any other services, we have a partnership with a number or Top Advertising Agencies around the world and we are happy to refer you to them.  We work with other Top Agencies and we do not compete.  Digital Advertising is a $333.25 billion global market and we only want to be No. 1 in our own niche. 
So rest assured we will introduce you to our partners with “No Hard Feelings”.

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