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We are a group of Marketing Professionals READY TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

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We are a group of young ambitious entrepreneurs.

Before Next Idea, Almost 99.99% of companies need to TAKE THEIR OWN RISK in Advertising. 80% of them never seek outside help, therefore, they were never able to grow their business in scale, the other 20% of them will seek for outside professional help, but MOST OF THEM ARE BETTING IN LUCK. Some of the lucky ones are able to grow with the right Advertising Agency and on the way to success. 

If you are one of the LUCKY BASTXXDS (just kidding ^_^) who runs with an Advertising Agency currently producing you GOOD ROI, PLEASE NEVER DUMP THEM and TREAT THEM LIKE YOUR BEST LOVER, FOREVER! Stick with them for as long as you could unless they choose to break-up with you. (If for any reason, you wish to switch your existing advertising agency to us, we REQUIRE you to provide us an ETHICAL REASON.

Good Advertising Agencies are RARE NOWADAYS and we do not want to compete with them nor steal their clients. They are the treasure of our modern world. However, with their consent, you can still join forces with us and thus you will have two armies of Advertising Experts expanding your market for you, rather than just one.)

“For those of you who have used an Advertising Agency before but they didn’t perform a satisfactory ROI, You are more than welcome to try our 110% Risk-Free Advertising Services, which will take your RISK and concerns away. We can you help you Re-Gain your trust to this Wonderful NEW digital Advertising Age of the modern world. ( Digital Advertising is growing rapidly every day. It is an industry that worth more than $300 BILLION.”

In 2019, worldwide digital ad spending will rise by 17.6% to $333.25 billion. That means for the first time, digital will account for roughly half of the global ad market.

Digital Ad Spending

The research firm is predicting that U.S. digital ad spend will increase 19.1% this year, to $129.3 billion while traditional advertising will fall 19% to $109.5 billion. That means digital will account for 54.2% of the total while traditional will only represent 45.8 percent.

After seeing these figures. Do you still think you do not need digital advertising?  GET IN NOW or BE Squeezed OUT OF BUSINESS. The choice is yours!!

The Brains behind Next Idea Marketing are mostly Marketing and Consulting Experts, most of us have experience working with the TOP 50 INTERNET ADVERTISING AGENCIES IN THE WORLD, and most of us had experience working for Fortune 500 Companies Marketing Departments.

 Today, BECAUSE WE DECIDED to TAKE ON THE WORLD and revolutionize the whole Advertising Industry. We are offering a RISK-FREE Advertising Service ( our old bosses and investors won’t agree with our idea and you can’t blame them, they already have thousands of clients on the waiting list, those are willing to PAY from and take their own risks).  

Therefore, we decided to quit and start our own business  ~ Next Idea Marketing and hence you are seeing this website. ..lol ^_^.  Our previous working experience including working with Major Brand Names like 7-11, FamilyMart, Sony, Acer, Big Insurance Corps, and lots of Fortune 500 companies. (We can even show you the proof if you need it to trust us. ^_^)

Our company was founded on 1st of April 2019 (we choose this date because we think it will be FUN to look back at this date 10 years later ^_^). We only have less than 20 clients today (As of 1st of May 2019. 

However, we are still being able to give you testimonials from some of our clients across different industries. Incredible, right?!! normally it takes a new company at least months to land their clients but we have more than 10 clients already in one month and we already have proven results and testimonials!! ) 

Being NEW is actually GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, if you sign up NOW, it is likely you are still the first 20 clients we take on any specific industry, and you will be able to qualify our 110% Risk-Free Advertising Services! Hey!, WE ARE THIS GOOD! and WE ARE THIS CONFIDENT TO GUARANTEE you RESULTS, so don’t worry about the RISK for signing-up, All the RISK IS ON US! 110%!

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