We are SRC2 Certified Company

For every Client we take on, every dollar that comes in we donate 5% of our Revenue to savethechildren foundation in US(2.5%) and SRC2.org (2.5%), excluding Advertising Expenses that are spent on Facebook and Google (because they don’t give us any commissions nor let us share their revenue)

So if an average Client Pay us $3000/month plus $2000/month to spend on Facebook, Youtube, Google, and other Digital Advertising Platforms normally, we are able to deliver you 20~100 useful leads/potential clients (The ROI will depend on how good your products are and how good you are in sales.

Our $2000/month gives you a whole marketing & advertising TEAM/ Department for your company. Normally you need to hire at least 5 ~10 people to accomplish what we do for you. 

Can you hire 5~10 experts for $100/day?!

$3000 will cover all our Labour Costs (Which includes your Ad Campaign Manager, Your Virtual Assistant on the Project, Our Technical Support, Web Designer, Funnel Builder, Marketing Team, Advertising Team and support and so on) plus our maintenance costs. (More than reasonable, right? And we even donate 5% of that to charities! Even before we make start money. We donate from Day 1 of our business!!).

For Donation of 5%, we will donate $150/month/client. $75 goes to the foundation to save the children to put food on their table now, a USA based charity (Who by the way have done a wonderful job ~ being able to spend at least 87% of all its income on the actual program). 

The other $75 goes to SRC2.0 for promoting the SRC2.0 movement and raise awareness of this problem to the world which educates the public in 3 ways: 

A. Educate Business Owners to be both ETHICAL and Socially-Responsible, by donating at    least 1% of their revenue + 5% profit to charities). 

B. Provide Young Entrepreneurs / Future Stars FREE TRAINING RESOURCES on how to succeed in the REAL-WORLD, in exchange hoping them to commit donating a certain % of their revenue + profits to charity in the future when they succeed.

C. Free Online Training Materials provided for those people who are poor and in need, proper free education resources can help change their life for good, all provided to them FREE!

So when you sign up to be our client.  You are actually saving lives every day! At least 3~6 children‘s lives are saved by every client every month!

For more information about being an SRC 2.0 Certified Company, Please visit www.SRC2.org

#SRC 2.0 means the NEXT GENERATION of SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES that are willing to donate at least 1% of their Revenue/sales + at least 5% of their Annual Profits to support Charities they believe in. 

Currently, we donate 5% of our total Revenue + Another 25% of our Annual Profits to charity. So please spread the word and help us grow by becoming an affiliate using the link below:

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